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World Peace

We pledge to always put the community first. That means being leaders in environmental, social and economic sustainability.


We are committed to using carbon-friendly, sustainable products and adhering to planet-friendly cleaning practices. We strive to reduce packaging materials where possible and work with our customers to help improve waste and recycling methods in order to not only streamline business practices but also reduce costs.



We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are certified by third-party certifiers such as Green Seal, ECOLOGO, or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice programs. These products are made from natural and biodegradable ingredients, and are free from harsh chemicals that can harm the environment.

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Climate Change

We offer a wide range of hours of operation to our customers, working during off-peak hours when possible to reduce energy usage as well as carbon emissions. We use renewable, recycled or neutral carbon in our cleaning products when possible and work with our customers to build and sustain climate-friendly practices.


Carbon Emissions

Cleaning products and the chemicals found inside can have a strong effect on our environment. The chemical industry is the second largest user of fuel in the manufacturing sector, with petroleum and natural gas often being used to make different chemicals found in everyday cleaning products

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Waste Management

We will work with our customers to develop a waste management solution that works for them, while also tackling the issue of plastic bags in our oceans. We can help our customers reduce their waste bag usage while still benefiting from a clean and safe workplace

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Community Impact

While we are a nation-wide company, APFM is always proud to hire within our customers' local placess of business. Hiring employees locally helps create jobs, boost the local economy, improve company culture, and reduce our recruitment costs, while also helping us to better understand and serve our local communities. We strive to grow our own company within these communities and watch each other grow.

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