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Facility Services

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's needs and expectations.

We cater to each client to develop the right scope and frequency so that our clients get the desired results that they want.  Between crew selection, chemicals required and the right equipment, APFM and it facilities operations team will ensure the job gets done right!


What We Do

Microfiber cleaning cloth


Commercial Cleaning

We are the first choice for some of the Nations largest companies and they rely on us daily to keep their facilities in top condition.  We hire and train the best in their class and we also payout the highest gross wages for our talented staff.



Hard Floor Cleaning / Polish

Cement, Marble, Granite, Ceramic and Polished Concrete are among many hard floor surfaces that we are responsible for maintaining within our current client base.  You can trust the APFM team for caring for these delicate yet durable floor surfaces.

Carpet Vacuum.jpg


Carpet Cleaning

We perform carpet cleaning using several techniques, from Bonnet Cleaning to Truck Mounted Deep Extraction as well as Portable Extraction.  The different types of cleaning allow us to get the best value and results to our clients.  

Industrial Floor Scrubber.jpg


Auto Scrubbing & Buffing

Using the best state of the art technology, we equip our highly trained floor care experts with the most current and highest performing machines.  Making our clients floors look clean and polished is our goal every day.

Bathroom Cleaner


Restroom Sterilizing

Restaurants and various commercial facilities will use our restroom disinfecting services to do the heavy detail work required to make sure your building is clean and a healthy environment.  Whether its semi annual or weekly. We will be there to take on this often dirty task.

Cleaning a Computer


Heavy Dusting Services

Dust is unavoidable in high and low places and it often goes unnoticed.  We put our eyes on this service so our clients don't have to.  Dust is one of the highest cause of allergies and work place illness, so its critical to keep it under control.  Companies lose millions of dollars a year in work place dust related illness, dont be one of them.

Cleaning Equipment

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